Monday, August 13, 2012

Tangling with Zentangle


When I came across this word some time back, I was intrigued. The images I saw reminded me of doodles as well as intricate mehndi designs. I started experimenting with it and thinking of ways to incorporate it into paper craft designs.

The applications are endless. The beauty of this technique is that no two designs are ever alike. Here are some articles I have made using this technique.

My first zentangle project. The card is made using red card stock and computer paper. The heart is made from a scrap of white handmade paper and doodled with a black micro-tip pen.

Pale green handmade paper layered with a darker green paper. This time I sketched out the flower and leaf shapes. Then filled them with zentangle doodles.

I wanted to try colouring with water-colour pencils and got the idea of combining it with zentangle designs.

I started with doodling on a scrap of white chart paper with a black glitter pen. then I filled in the pencil colours along one side and shaded with a wet brush.

When the piece was done, I mounted it on  piece of navy blue handmade paper. A silver eyelet and some pale lilac ribbon completed the bookmark.

My daughter, who has recently started reading Enid Blyton novels, loved it so much that she immediately laid claim to the bookmark.

I made two more book marks. One for myself. And another for my husband.

This time I coloured using sketch pens and mounted on red card stock.

I am sure I'll end up making more of these. They are quick and easy to make and will make great gifts to give along with books. What do you guys think?