Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Origami Heart Box - Snehal's Creation's challenge

A late, late post tonight...

The deadline for submitting entries for Snehal's Creation's challenge is tomorrow morning. So here I am sitting up late after everybody is fast asleep (thankfully!).

The challenge is interesting - make a box, any kind of box. Right up my alley, as I love making boxes. I originally planned to make a Pentagonal Gift Box; I had demonstrated this box on one of the episodes of Mogara Phulala on Mi Marathi in the Kala-kaushalya segment. But the concept wouldn't gel in my mind. So I tried another. And this is the result...

This a Heart Box made with origami. I have used simple chart paper in a pretty shade of turquoise. There is nothing except paper folding used. No glue, no scissors. You can find the fabulous tutorial by Jo Nakashima on YouTube.

The major challenge was making a bigger box, as the original box is made using A4 sheet and turns out to be rather petite. However, some trial and error yielded good results. My husband had just one suggestion. He said keep it simple, so that nothing takes away attention from the beauty of the box itself.

So I decided on a simple quilled motif. This also gave me a chance to break open my new mini shredder, which I have been just waiting to use!

I think this box is a good idea for Diwali, to give sweets or chocolates. Also a good idea for presenting little trinkets.

I am sure I will be making many more of these in the days to come.


  1. wow...sucha beautiful and unusual box.Love the neat quilling too.Thanks for linking it up to my challenge

  2. wow wow wow..................the blue is so pretty. The box is really gorgeous.

  3. WOW kudos to you to make a heart shaped origami box. I struggle with even making an origami boat!
    PS : Please do turn off word verification. Blogger is asking for double word verification and it is getting a bit difficult deciphering it all
    Turn off word verification but enable comment moderation to prevent spam

    1. Thanx Sonia. I'll take care of the word verification NOW. I am still new to blogging and learning. Appreciate your help! :-)

  4. I find it interesting to look at earlier posts by bloggers like yourself. This is beautiful. The quilling looks amazing.
    I'm going to check out some more of your older posts to get my creative juices flowing.