Saturday, June 22, 2013

Magnet swap

Hi! This is a post I have itching to put up. But I had to wait for the reveals on Swap Central to begin.

Swap Central India had hosted a swap in May wherein each person had to make 10 different magnets. I was very excited about participating as I enjoy making magnets. There are so many possibilities, you can go absolutely wild! The twist was that each had to be 3 x 3 inches in size.

I decided to get really creative and use as many different techniques as possible.

The first one I made was using felt, which is one of my all time favourite craft materials.

Supplies used are white and pink felt, blue sequins, silver 3D glitter from Hobby Ideas, ¼ inch wide blue satin ribbon and a black half pearl for the eye. I like this design because it is so simple and yet pretty.

For the next I used felt again.

Supplies used are very simple, just some white and green felt and green embroidery floss. The original tutorial for this is from The Purl Bee for their Citrus Coasters. I loved this project the first time I came across it. I have been planning to make it for a long time. So this time I decided to use it to make a magnet instead.

For the third magnet, I went back to my old favourite technique, quilling.

Supplies used are mount board, yellow wool, quilling strips in white, purple and green and some half pearls in metallic gold. I cut the mount board to make a ring and covered it with the yellow wool. Then I made and attached the quilled shapes. The half pearls added the final, finishing touch.

Most of my summer was spent in the Summer Camp for kids that I hold every year. I decided to take inspiration from those projects for some kiddie magnets. These projects are based on the techniques learnt from my teacher Chandrika Kamath, who held a special teacher's training workshop in March this year. You can check out her blog Creative Korner for more details of her fantastic courses.

This little caterpillar, made with a chenille stem and wooden beads was one of the things that my students loved making. I just decided to amp it up a bit. So I added a leaf cut out of handmade paper and put googly eyes on the caterpillar to give it more character. The leaf is mounted on a wood peg and can hold small notes etc.

Next came the simplest of my designs. An airplane.

Supplies used - a large wooden peg, two ice cream sticks and acrylic paints in yellow, green and red. I just love this design for its simplicity!

Keeping with the kiddie theme, a cheerful little puppet which any child would love to have in his or her room.

Supplies used are mount board, wooden beads, chenille stems and acrylic paints. My students made these into key chains. I think the design works well as a magnet too.

One of the recurring techniques in my work is origami. I have always been fascinated by this form of paper craft. I don't think there is any other craft which uses such a basic material - a square sheet of paper - and yet is so beautiful.

So the seventh magnet is a origami photo frame.

Supplies used are two square sheets of pattern paper from Chimanlals. I have already done a detailed post on this photo frame here.

Next comes a sweet little dress.

Supplies used are pattern paper locally bought, a bit of green satin ribbon and a white half pearl. There is an excellent tutorial on the blog Meijo's Joy, which I used.

The second last magnet is a origami project that I have been planning to do for a long, long time. The intricacy of this design always scared me. But this time I decided to gather my courage and give it a try.

The pic here doesn't to justice to this beautiful shell. It looks amazing in real life. There is an excellent tutorial by Sara Adams on YouTube. She goes through the whole construction so well that making it becomes a snap. I am dying to try larger sizes and a larger variety of papers for this now.

The final magnet is one of my personal favourites. It is also the one that took the longest time, since it is modular origami.

This is a kusudama. Or rather half a kusudama. The whole thing is made of total 6 flowers and each flower has 5 petals. Each petal is made by folding a square of handmade paper. After I had finished the ball, I felt it needed something more. So I put some red stamens in each flower to give it a little pop. Also, before mailing, I mounted it on a small scalloped circle in dark green.

That concludes this series of fridge magnets. I was very pleased with the results and hope my swap partner likes the magnets. I also want to thank the Swap Central gals for thinking up such great challenges.

I would truly appreciate your feedback and comments. Please do let me know which one is your favourite.



  1. All are so beautiful, Nandini! I love the green and white felt one and the photo frame origami!!