Sunday, June 16, 2013

Hair bands and their holder...

Hi! Monsoons are here and the weather is nice and cool. Definitely a conducive atmosphere to pursue creative endeavors!

My daughter had to attend a birthday party today. She was very excited. But I had a problem. What to gift to the birthday girl? It is such a tough decision nowadays when all kids seem to have everything and also have very clear likes and dislikes. Then I got a brainwave. I decided to make something that has been on my mind a lot lately.

A hairband holder...

Because I am going crazy keeping track of my daughter's hairbands. They are everywhere! With a proper hairband holder, they can all stay in one place neatly organized. And we don't have to hunt through the house every time we need one.

The supplies used are grosgrain ribbons in red, orange and green, felt in yellow and brown, green suede, black half pearls and embroidery floss in red and white. I backed the whole thing with some stiff matty cloth. Since I could not find any interesting references for the design, I made it up along the way.

The biggest compliment I got was from my husband who has asked me to make one for my daughter too.

Going back a bit, I would like to share the main reason for this epidemic of hairbands in the house. The culprit is the Bigshot which I bought some time back. One of the main reasons I invested in it was that it can cut circles and it works with a variety of materials, including felt.

I love working with felt as it is extremely versatile. And since it is available in many colours, the possiblities are endless. This wall hanging I had made sometime back and shared in a previous post should give you some idea

So when the Bigshot came I decided to try cutting some circles and made them up in to a hairband

My daughter loved it. So, armed with my faithful Bigshot and glue gun I started making them for her and her friends

This one combines fabric and felt

I have a huge stock of kundan left over from the days when I used to make stuff for exhibitions. So I tried using some of them, with great results

Some simple satin ribbon which can be woven into a braid and attached to a hairband gives a beautiful look

Change the type of ribbon to grosgrain and you have completely different look

I also found this to be a good gifting option. Specially when guests come over at a short notice.

These clips were made for my three nieces.

A special gift for my daughter's best friend who requested the colours to match her new outfit.

I also have a large stash of fabrics, since I enjoy quilting and sewing as well. So it was time to delve into the leftover scraps.

Some bright red and yellow fabric cut into circles and folded to form flowers

Top with co-ordinating buttons and you are ready to go

The same concept with a larger flower

Embellished with leaves hand cut from green suede and felt and an orange button

Another way of using grosgrain ribbon, for a simple and elegant look

And finally, one of my favourite techniques, quilling

A single flower, embellished with a dark pink gem and attached to a matching hairband.

That concludes this looong post on hair accessories and their holder.

Hope you enjoyed it. I certainly enjoyed making them!



  1. these are just fab, Nandini!!

  2. Wow !! this is simply amazing work Nandini ...Fabulous use of your big shot combined with your designing skills and these hair bands and clips look so wow !!! ..I totally love the hair band holder idea and am sure the birthday girl must have loved it too :)

    1. Thanx Hussena. I love your work. I am so thrilled that you liked my stuff!

  3. love ur hair bands nandhini, it is so coulourful

    1. Thanx Shylaashree. Keep an eye on this space, more are coming soon. ;-)